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December 2014 By Third Chapter

“Hooked on Livin” – Concept Store

Store FACEBOOKWe are finishing off the year with our 4th concept store for 2014. We hustled to get the shop doors open again in time for Xmas so we can share the “Hooked on Livin” collection and much more with our friends and fans. You know we like to start these things off with a bang, so please join us as we kick it off with a few drinks and some beats on opening night til late!

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December 2014 By Third Chapter

“Hooked on Livin”

Main promo lowresThird Chapter – Hooked on Livin’ Collection & new concept store location. Dropping soon.

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November 2014 By Third Chapter

The Endless Bullshit Tour.

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Follow the Updated most days. Enjoy.



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October 2014 By Third Chapter



From Paper to Cotton, from Paris to Melbourne. From the mind of Choq to premium high grade stock. This graphic comes from an original drawing on paper by a world famous artist, and our homie who’s been holding it down for us across the globe. When you wear this shirt, smoke these papers, or put on that bucket hat, let em know it’s because of a legend called Choq from Paris. Don’t be a sucker! Respect the real. Choq (

October 2014 By Third Chapter

One Fight At A Time – Store Opening

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